So we went to the Nat. Portrait Gallery with studio-maryel last Friday to have some fun attending that late Friday Night drawing session. And let me say you better try it as well. It’s free, you don’t have to bring anything, you’ll be given pencil, eraser and paper or you can work into your sketchbook just as we did. You can draw, you can chat, you can walk in the rooms. Every Friday night…


The pleasure of wine according to L’Art de Boire: Préparer, Servir, Boire (1927) written by Louis Forest, illustrated by Charles Martin, and published by our favorite Établissements Nicolas as part of their Monseigneur le Vin series.

Newberry call number: Case Wing folio ZC 1 .624 box 1 no. 54

As I mentioned it before I do usually not post other people’s work on my blog but again, this is something to check out and better, to follow newberryprinting tumblr stream. Awesome, that it is.

First ever drawing using a french curve. Awesome! After some practicing, it’s gonna be even quick… All the goodness in this funky number 7 comes from the french curve—the rest is my amateur hands… I’m looking forward to make more good-looking and precise letter skethches. Back to basics! (at Burgess Park)

Often ideas do not come until one is actually putting something down, whether it is in words or forms. Then comes the hard work of refining the idea or of hacking it out of an amorphous mass; but sometimes, while giving shape to one idea, another idea is born.

– John R. Biggs, Letter-forms & Lettering